From a private initiative to a registered charity

In 2010, two of our members, Stefanie Ruhl and Ivana Oppold, travelled to Zimbabwe in order to pursue honorary activities. During their stay they were introduced to Tichakunda, a school in a slum in Harare which was founded and has since been run by the slum’s inhabitants. It has also become home to a number of orphans. The operators who were working without pay like everyone else, have tried their best to keep the children aged 3 to 6 off the streets during the day. Not only did they provide them with an educational basis, but also with one warm meal per day. However, despite all efforts no solid building existed until then and the conditions for the children as well as the working volunteers were bad. Impressed by their commitment we decided to support these people in their work. With private donations from home it was possible to lay the foundations of the first building.

Contacts that were established back then still exist today. Stefanie Ruhl has since been paying regular visits to Tichakunda. Her dedication has enabled further projects to be put into action. In July 2015, she has founded 4BetterLife e.V. together with six friends in order to continue her activities in a formal structure. Since August 2015 we are a registered charity.

„Be the change you want to see in the world.“
Mahatma Gandhi