Welcome to 4BetterLife e.V.

4BetterLife e.V. stands for the ambition to achieve equal opportunities for children, teenagers and young adults

4BetterLife e.V. focuses on co-operations based on partnership with the local people

It is our aim that our activities lead to a meaningful and sustainable outcome. Together with the local people we develop our project ideas and keep in close contact during their realization. Taking the locals’ needs seriously is our priority. Our experience guides us on site to where help is needed most. We take on an advisory role in order to ensure sustainability and empower the local people to take the next steps – helping them to help themselves.

Our current projects support people in Zimbabwe.

About us

We are a registered charity that originates in a private initiative

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We are happy to receive your questions and suggestions, please don’t hesitate to write to us

Our Projects

Our current focus lies in Zimbabwe where we are active in a slum close to its capital Harare.


Extension of the preschool kitchen’s rocketstove (planned 2017)

Mattresses for napping (planned 2016)

Rocketstove for the orphans (planned 2016)